No Blow Dry Bossy Cream for Coarse Hair


No Blow Dry Bossy Cream for Coarse Hair

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This air dry styling cream for coarse hair provides a quick air-dry with effortless manageability and frizz control for the days you don't want to or can't blow dry your hair.

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Provides frizz control and enhanced movement while leaving hair with a no product feel. New air-tex technology with quick dry polymers and flex polymers allow for accelerated air dry time with amazing style, natural movement and weightless control. Whether you're tight on time, taking a break from heat tools, or want an effortless it-girl look, getting an amazing air-dry is no big deal.

Get your best air dry!

No Blow Dry Bossy Cream For Coarse, Wild Hair is ideal for people who identify with the below:

  • When you put a bobby pin in your hair it stays securely
  • When you roll one strand of hair between your index finger and thumb you feel the strand
  • You can describe your hair texture as 'thick, and sometimes tough to manage'

How to Use:

Work a small amount evenly into damp hair. Scrunch or twist in and air-dry.