Curvaceous™ Ringlet for Spirals


Curvaceous™ Ringlet for Spirals

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This anti-frizz lotion reigns in curls with control, soft hold and a shiny, touchable finish. By providing additional definition, this frizzy hair treatment lotion helps achieve the desired shape for a great hair style.

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Redken Curvaceous Ringlet turns unruly spirals into well-behaved ones.


  • Provides controlled definition, bounce, soft hold and a shiny, touchable finish
  • Reigns in unruly curls with 3-day curl definition
  • Features Curl Memory Complex
  • Delivers frizz control and soft hold for shiny, touchable finish
  • Provides a great base for product layering that prepares curls to take any desired shape

How to use: 

Apply to towel-dried hair. Diffuse or air dry for perfect curls. Can also be used on dry hair to tame frizz and provide soft curl definition.