Vitamino Color Corrector Blonde


Vitamino Color Corrector Blonde


With the Color CorrectorBlonde Crème you can get rid of unwanted yellow or yellowish tones of your blonde or bleached hair. The cream neutralizes the yellowish pigments in the hair and corrects the hair color. The blondes are intensified and the hair gets a smooth appearance.

5.1 oz

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What It Is

Color correcting cream for blondes.

What It Does

Protect your blonde highlights from turning to yellow. The color is corrected, the yellow highlights are neutralized, for a pure, cold and glowy blonde. Hair is left smooth and the blonde colors are more intense. Non-greasy finish. Anti-yellowing color correcting cream for levels 7-10.

How To Use

Apply the product evenly to towel-dried hair and leave it for a short timeto act. After that, you should well rinse your hair. The product should not be used every day.