Cure your winter hair blues.

Living in Minnesota we experience some of the most extreme weather conditions. Little do we know it, but the extreme changes really affect your hair. During the winter everything is dry. Dryness can make your hair feel brittle, rough, and create so much static! It is the worst feeling to take off your scarf or hat after being outside and every hair on your head is standing on end? Does this happen to any of you?

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Its important to have a few tricks up your sleeve, and the right product combinations to combat these issues. First of all, if you are experiencing extreme static, your hair needs a big drink.. There are multiple ways to drench your hair with moisture. First, during your in-salon visit add a customized hair treatment to your service. At Spark we offer 3 different types of treatments that are personalized to your hair needs. During the winter it is common to add a moisture treatment to every visit and follow up at home in between visits with a home care regime that shares the same ingredients as your in-salon treatment to maintain it in the hair for longer.

At home, treat your hair to a weekly deep treatment. The best practice to ensuring that your hair is absorbing as much of the moisture as possible is to shampoo like normal, then towel try your hair so that it is not dripping wet. A light towel dry before applying the mask is best and then allow it to penetrate into the hair for 5-10 minutes. The hair is like a sponge, if it is dripping wet, there is too much water inside the hair strand and the treatment will be diluted and not work as well, or not absorb into the hair at all. Once the mask has been on the hair for the desired time, rinse it thoroughly out of the hair. Sleeping in your mask is not the best idea, it can actually create buildup on the hair if you let it dry into the hair. 5-10 minutes will give you a noticeable result.

Our favorite go to treatments for at home are the Kerastase masks in the Nutritive line. There are 3 options to choose on based on your hair type and how much dryness you are experiencing. Kerastase Masquintense Fine or Thick & Magistral masques retail for $53 and can be found in our salon or online in our boutique:

Before styling you may also want to add a moisture spray. One of our client favorites is the One United by Redken. This is like a vitamin for your hair and is available online or in our store for under $24. The benefits include:

  • Condition, Detangling, & Nourishment

  • Anti-Frizz, Heat Protection, and Controls fly-aways

  • Reduces dryness & adds smoothness

  • Anti-static & helps prevent split ends

Throughout the day if you are still combating dryness and static we have a purse size option that will come to the rescue. Inforcer Brush Proof contains Biotin for healthy hair and Vitamin B6 to promote a healthy hair fiber. This product is designed to spray onto your brush and to be brushed through the hair, but during days where your static is beyond, shake and spray directly onto the hair for more control. Find Brush Proof online or in salon for under $21.

We hope that these tricks help you to combat the dryness and to feel in-control of your hair. Cheers to making it through these next few dry months and our skin and hair triumphing in the summer humidity.