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Brooke's Pricing


$44+ Womens Haircut

$29+ Mens Haircut

$29 Child Haircut (10 and under)

$64+ Base Color

$84+ All Over Hair Color

$106+ Half Balayage 

$121+ Full Balayage

$94+ Half Highlight

$104+ Full Highlight

Brooke Maki


Brooke is a recent graduate of PCI Academy, and is the process of completing Spark's associate program. She is passionate about making everyone feel beautiful inside and out when they leave her chair.  She is most passionate about about color transformations and helping people find the destination of their hair journey.  Kind of like Rumpelstiltskin and how he takes straw and turns it into gold. "Gold" can be identified as so many different things to people and Brooke believes that what you see as gold is all that matters.

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