Healthy, Organic Hair Products | The Future of Salon Hair Care

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Healthy, Organic Hair Products

The Future of Salon Hair Care

As we become more aware of our health and everything that surrounds us it seems to be a growing objective to look at every label for food and cosmetic products.  At Spark Salon, we know that there is a growing need to provide haircare that is honest.  We are thrilled to be featuring Neuma, a hair care line containing ingredients that do not harm.  In fact, Neuma highlights a list of what it DOES NOT CONTAIN:  ZERO synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, 1, 4-dioxane, phthalates, glutens, neurotoxins, aluminum compounds, glycols*, formaldehyde donors, ureas, carcinogens.  They are transparent with their ingredients and on each product have a full disclosure list.  They contain ingredients that do not harm you or the earth. 

Proud of their sustainability, Neuma prides themselves in using clean energy and green chemistry principles in manufacturing as well as reducing packaging and maximizing the use of recycled resources. 

“At Neuma, we believe that organic raw materials, sustainable business practices and continuing membership as a global corporate citizen will make the difference in the long run.  We’ve made the choice because like you, we think it’s the right thing to do.”


Come visit us at Spark Salon and let us introduce you to organic hair care that performs, Neuma.


*except hair sprays