Holiday Hair How-To: Twisted Chignon

This elegant chignon will elevate any holiday look, and is deceptively easy to re-create!

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Step 1: Begin with a 1 1/2 inch curling wand or iron, and curl from the root in the direction you want the chignon to go (all the hair will eventually be pinned to one side!) 

 spark salon, updo, holiday hair, jaclyn blumenberg, tanya radermacher, maple grove, chignon, curling wand

Step 2: Take 2, 1 inch sections of hair and twist away from the face, twisting in the direction of the chignon. Wrap the 2 strands together, creating a "braid." Pin the braid on the opposite side from where you started.

 tanya radermacher, updo, spark salon, jaclyn blumenberg, maple grove, holiday hair, spark salon style   

Step 3: Moving in the same direction, continue to gather and twist sections of hair, pinning them securely on the opposite side. Exactness isn't necessary; it's meant to look loose and effortless.

Step 4: Once all the hair from the first side has been swooped and pinned, curl the remaining loose hair at the root to create volume. Set with a firm-hold hairspray (we reccomend L'Oreal Professionnel's Tecni Art Extreme Lacquer.)

Step 5: Working in 1 inch sections, hold and pinch hair in the middle of the strand pulling upward away from the face, pinning on the underside (imagine a "rounded" shape when arranging the strands.) Continue to gather and pin until all the hair is secured. 

 jaclyn blumenberg, spark salon, chignon, updo, maple grove, tanya radermacher

Step 6: Pull a few tendrils from the chignon if you prefer a looser look, then set with a firm-hold hairpsray once more.

 tanya radermacher, chignon, updo, holiday hair, maple grove, jaclyn blumenberg

Happy Holidays from the Spark Salon team!